Landscaping Design Ideas For Corner Lots

A home situated on a corner lot can offer more yard space than traditional lots, but they also present a few challenges for landscaping and design. Fortunately, there are several options you can use to create a stunning look for your home with some unique landscaping ideas. Use this guide as inspiration to come up with a new look for your corner lot.


Adding a hedgerow along the sides of your lot can add privacy to your space and create a border that prevents people from cutting across your property. You can use a combination of trees and shrubs to achieve this look, or you can go for a more manicured look of uniform bushes along the perimeter of your lot. Be sure to arrange for regular landscaping services to keep the shrubs or bushes neatly trimmed. Or a more ambitious version of this idea, talk to your landscaper about planting a row of trees to line your property.

Corner Focal Point

Creating a corner focal point helps to give your corner lot the appearance of a vast swath of land. You can opt for a rock garden with bushes and small trees to create this look. If you prefer something that requires a bit less maintenance, consider a gazebo. You can plant ivy to grow up the sides of the gazebo, and use the ground around it to plant beautiful flowers. The gazebo can double as a space for enjoying your morning coffee or entertaining guests at your home.

Paver Walkway

Create a grand entrance to your home by adding a walkway that runs from the corner to your house. You can select pavers that create the look of a brick road or cobblestone for a vintage look, or select flat concrete pavers for a more modern touch. Work with your landscaper to find plants you can use to line either side of the walkway, and don't forget to add lighting along the walkway for beautiful nighttime illumination. Connect the walkway to the sidewalk around your home, and plant shrubs on either side of the end of the walkway to define the entrance to your property. You may also want to connect the walkway to your driveway for a seamless look.

Talk to your landscaper about the different options you can use to define the space on your corner lot while adding lush greenery to your property. With some creative landscaping ideas, you can make your corner lot the crown jewel of the block. Contact a company like Pace Inc, Landscape & Design for more information.