3 Must-Have Trees For Color This Fall

From furniture and window treatments to rugs and decorative accents, these pieces work together to create a space that represents you and your family's style. While the interior is important, decorating the exterior is also necessary for your home's curb appeal and value. Fortunately, adding style, texture, and color to the exterior is possible through landscape design. Of course, you may not know where to begin. For texture and color that adds style and value to your home during the fall season, consider planting one or all of these beautiful trees.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple is one of the most popular tree to plant in your yard and it is easy to see why. The rustic shape and bold foliage makes it the perfect accent for your landscape design. The leaves will turn a dark orange in the early part of the fall season. In the later weeks of fall, the foliage will turn a bright red color that continues through the winter season.

Planting a Japanese Maple is simple. Make sure to choose an area in your yard that receives full sun and partial shade throughout the morning and afternoon. Use the tree as an accent in a flower bed and surround with lirope grass, hostas, or azalea shrubs for even more color and texture.


For a big splash of color that lasts through the entire fall season, consider planting a gingko tree in your yard. Enjoy lush green foliage in the spring and summer before the leaves turn a bright yellow in autumn.

Not only will the gingko tree provide enormous color and texture, but the 25 to 50 foot height will also create a great deal of shade in your yard. While surprising to learn, this tree will grows just as wide. Due to its expected spread, make sure to plant the gingko tree away from the exterior of your home and other outdoor structures.


With a bright yellow fall foliage and the possibility of edible fruit that is juicy and healthy, the pomegranate tree is a great option for your landscaping.

Plant the tree in full sun and provide it with sufficient water in the warm seasons. Pruning away dead foliage and branches in the last weeks of winter will ensure the tree grows and thrives in the spring and summer seasons.

Your landscaping should add style to your home all through the year. By planting one or all of these trees, you can add color and appeal to your fall landscape.  Contact a landscaper, like Boulder Works, for more help.