Three Landscaping Ideas For The Minimalist Household

When many people think of landscaping, they think of trees, lots of flowers, and topiaries. For those who are interested in minimalism, these may not be desirable. The minimalist lifestyle is more so about keeping the home and home upkeep as simple as possible. This means fewer things inside and fewer things outside as well. If you notice that your area is made up of those who are more minimalist, you can offer minimalist landscaping. Here are three ideas for minimalist landscaping that you can offer your clients.

Planting of evergreens

Just because a person is a minimalist does not mean that they do not enjoy good plants or landscaping. Offer to plant evergreen trees and shrubs. Evergreens are the best choice, as they will provide the ability to have trees and plants that add to the yard. While they will provide for a beautiful view, these plants stay alive year round and shed less than others. Most evergreens will still need to be trimmed, which will become your job as a landscaping firm.

Plant grass that requires less water

While grass that grows is a good thing for you and your client, grass that needs less water is also good for your client. Being minimalist often means cutting down on the lawn work for the client between your visits. For this reason, select a breed of grass that needs watering only once a week or so to survive. This will save on your customer's utility bills and also make it easier for you to keep the yard looking nice. This also means little to no outside work is required on behalf of your client, making it an attractive option. 

Install bushes instead of flowers

If your customer is looking for nice flowers to grow in their yard, plant a bush instead of standalone flowers. Stand alone flowers often require their own bed that will need weeding. While the flowers are sprouting, they will need to be kept watered and safe. If weeds begin to crop up, these will need to be pulled out before they can hinder the growth of the flowers. A bush with flowers makes the yard look good with less upkeep. The bush can hide any weeds or unnecessary growth until your regular landscaping visit. Bushes can also cover a lot of square footage that may otherwise have the front of the home looking bare and unwelcoming. 

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