Installing Your New Home's Landscaping

After you have built a home, it will be necessary to begin the process of installing the landscaping for the property. While you may have been primarily focused on the design choices and work involved with building the house, the landscaping is a part of your property that will also require some careful planning and consideration. Choose A Lawn Option That Can Rapidly Cover The Bare Patches Of Soil When you are preparing a design for your landscaping, you will want to choose a type of lawn that will be able to rapidly develop and cover the ground.

5 Landscape Care Mistakes To Avoid

A beautiful yard isn't possible without proper care. Knowing what mistakes to avoid is an important part of developing a landscaping care plan.  1. Fertilizing Without Testing Fertilizing your lawn in the spring and summer, along with any garden beds, is a necessity if you want everything green and healthy. Just don't make the mistake of applying a general fertilizer without testing the soil. Without a soil test, there is no way to know exactly what nutrients the soil is deficient in.