Tree Stump Removal Techniques You Should Know

Tree stumps ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home. Given time, a stump can rot, which makes it easy to uproot. However, a natural rotting process usually takes a lot of time. The good news is that it is possible to accelerate the rate at which the stump breaks down. The following are some of the most common techniques used to get rid of landscape-ruining tree stumps.

Use potassium nitrate

Potassium nitrate is a fertilizer which encourages the development of bacteria. When applied to a tree stump, it increases the rate of bacterial activity, something that then accelerates the rate of decomposition of the stump.

For the best results, start by drilling a hole into the tree stump. Using a large diameter drill bit to get this done is advisable because it will ensure that you get a hole that is large enough to accommodate the optimum amount of fertilizer necessary to accelerate the decaying process.

With the hole ready, mix the potassium nitrate with water and then pour the solution into the hole and then let the bacteria act on the stump for a couple of weeks. With time, the tree stump will become soft. This will make it easy to split it up with a pickaxe.

Use fire

Another way of softening up a tree stump is to simply burn it. What is left after fire consumes the stump will be easy to split up using an ax.

Start by drilling holes into the tree stump. When doing so, it is important to ensure that the holes go deep enough to cover the depth of the stump. This is because deeper holes usually ensure better kerosine penetration, something that plays a significant role in getting a better stump burnout.

With the holes drilled, fill them with kerosine. Let the kerosine sit for a couple of days. This will allow it to be absorbed into the tree stump. After the kerosine has been absorbed into the stump, simply light it up. The stump may burn for a couple of days. You will then be left with a charred lump that is easy to break down.

When thinking about using this method, it is important to check your area's fire codes. This is because some areas have restrictions when it comes to this method of stump removal. You don't want to get stuck with stiff fines because you violated a local fire code.

If you need more assistance with your stump removal, a tree removal service can often help. Contact a company in your area for more information if you're interested.