2 Reasons To Install A Residential Irrigation System

If you plan on landscaping your yard, then you will quickly find out that you have a great deal of freedom and choices when it comes to what you would like to have incorporated into your landscape design. However, one thing that really shouldn't be an option, but instead should be a given, is a residential irrigation system. A residential irrigation system is going to be responsible for providing water to your landscape design, and installing one can provide you with so many excellent benefits. This article is going to discuss 2 reasons to install a residential irrigation system as part of your landscape. 

It Waters Everything 

When many people think of an irrigation system, they think of sprinklers that can water grass. While this is definitely going to be part of what a residential irrigation system can do, it can also do a whole lot more. Where you have small plants, flowers, bushes, etc., you can have some drip irrigation heads installed. These are going to provide water to these plants via drips that consistently come out of the head. This is much better for these plants than a sprinkler head because the water isn't going to cause damage to the plants by having too much pressure behind it. You can also set up your regular sprinkler heads in such a way that they provide enough water for any trees that you may have as part of your landscape design as well. This allows you to water everything using your residential irrigation system, so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

Easily Adjust Time Clocks 

When your residential irrigation system is installed, it is going to have a time clock that is installed along with it. This clock is going to be responsible for the times that the sprinklers come on to water, as well as how long they are on. Since your grass and other plants are going to need different amounts of water depending on the season, the weather, etc., it is also beneficial to know that you can easily adjust your time clocks. For example, if it has been raining a lot and you don't want the sprinklers to come on for a couple of days, you can simply turn them off for the designated amount of time. You can also change the time that they come on so that the least amount of water is wasted. For example, the middle of the night or early morning is often best because there is no sun to dry up the water and also it is less likely that it will be windy at these times. 

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