DIY Landscaping Projects To Improve Your Gardening Experience This Summer

Soon, the spring weather is going to be here and you will want to be prepared. If you are late every year to get started with a garden, do improvements to your landscaping now to make gardening easier. Improvements like paths, raised garden beds and new irrigation solutions will help give your landscaping designs beautiful gardens through the summer months. Here are some DIY landscaping projects that will improve your summer gardening experience:

1. Raised Planters for Beautiful Vegetable and Herb Gardens

If you want to have different types of gardens in your landscaping design, raised beds are an excellent way to do them in an attractive way. To make caring for the gardens easier, build them at waist-height; this will make tending to plants easier, so you do not have to bend over. For more attractive designs, use decorative pergolas for the arches over entrances and add gates to areas like vegetable gardens.

2. Rain Collection, Self-Watering Systems and Drip Irrigation

Rain collection systems are another great improvement to add to garden designs. Use rain barrels to collect water from roofs. You can use drip irrigation systems to water plants efficiently, which can have tubing hidden in the features like pergolas and arbors. There are also self-watering planter designs, which collect and recycle the water, so you will not have to worry as much about the design of irrigation systems and controls. Even with a self-watering system, you will need to check water levels to make sure that plants are getting the water they need, but the system will not require regular watering like conventional irrigation solutions. 

3. Trellises, Pergolas, Arbors and Vertical Planters That Make the Most Of Small Spaces

The decorative structures you add to your landscaping design will also have practical functions in your gardens. For example, a decorative pergola can have tubing for irrigation hidden on or inside beams and columns. Part of the design of a pergola may also have trellises that allow climbing plants to thrive. In addition, you may want to consider features like arbors for entrances to different areas of your landscaping. These decorative structures are attractive and help protect plants from the summer sun, as well as provide them space to grow. You may even want to do a vertical garden in some of these areas of your landscaping.

These are some DIY landscaping projects that will help give you a great gardening experience this summer. Contact a decorative pergola service to help with some of the structures you need to complete these projects.