Water Saving Tips For Your Sprinkler System

If you are hoping to use your sprinkler system this summer to keep your grass green but are also concerned about the amount of water you might use, it's time to look into water-saving tips for your sprinkler system. Here are some easy ways to save money while also improving the overall health of your grass.

1. Have your system checked and repaired.

Broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads are common, especially after your sprinklers have been sitting all winter. Before turning your system on this spring, have a professional come to inspect and replace any heads or hoses that might be leaking or incorrectly pressurized. This way, you'll have even distribution of water all along the system, making it as efficient as possible. 

2. Water deep and long.

Many people turn their sprinklers on every day to provide water for grass and flowers. But, it's better to water your grass for a long time every few days, instead of for a short time every day. This encourages better root growth for your grass, making it more drought tolerant, and it helps improve the overall health and consistency of your grass's coloring. 

This saves water because short watering allows more of the water to evaporate. If you turn the water on every day, some of the watering will evaporate and run off. The same thing happens with deep watering but only once per session. With fewer sessions, you get better grass health and less waste.

3. Water in the early morning or late evening. 

Too many people make the mistake of turning on the sprinklers when the day is hottest, thinking this is when the grass will be most thirsty. However, plants are not like people and as long as they get water, it doesn't matter how warm it is. It's best for water-conservation purposes to water when the sun is rising or sinking.

When it's hot, you get more water going to evaporation and less toward the roots of your grass. Watering in the early morning or late evening reduces direct sunlight and water loss from intense heat. 

4. Use a drip system for trees and gardens.

Unlike grass, trees and gardens need more frequent watering. Instead of using a broad sprinkler, however, talk to your landscaper about installing a drip system. This system provides continuous moisture that does not run off the soil but soaks slowly and deeply down into the soil at a consistent rate. You use less water, and your plants get the consistent moisture they need for healthy growth. 

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