4 Backyard Landscaping Tips When You Have A Dog

Dogs love to dig and play, making it feel impossible to have a nicely landscaped yard. The key is to work with your dog's natural tendencies and adapt your landscaping strategy to fit your lifestyle as a dog owner. Here are four tips for designing a beautiful yard that both you and your pup can enjoy:

Add Hardscaping

Adding elements of "hardscaping," or landscaping that uses stone or gravel instead of grass, will minimize the amount of your yard that will be affected by urinating or digging. Adding a flagstone patio and incorporating ornamental gravel into your backyard design will make your yard more functional and dog-friendly while also being attractive visually. As an added bonus, this form of landscaping will help cut down on the time and money you spend watering your yard.

Plant More Hardy Grass

For the parts of your yard that you would like to keep green and lush, ask your landscaper about more durable and hardy grass. The type of grass that works best will depend on your local climate and seasons, but there are many options for grass that is more resistant to the wear and tear of pets and foot traffic. It's also a good idea to keep your grass well-watered as this helps dilute the chemicals in dog pee that lead to brown spots. 

Add Plenty of Shade

Dogs love to play and lounge in the sun, but just like people they are susceptible to overheating. Dogs with light-colored skin fur and pale skin are also especially at risk for skin cancer, so it's important to incorporate plenty of shade into your backyard design. Some great shade-providing options include leafy trees, large patio umbrellas, and overhead shade tarps.  Adding shade to your backyard makes it more comfortable for your human family members, too.

Don't Overlook Fencing

Fencing is an important aspect of dog-friendly landscaping. A tall, wooden privacy fence is an attractive option that makes your yard and home more private and secure while also keeping your dog safely inside the yard. A fenced in dog-run is another option, especially if you have a large, partially fenced lot. The dog run will give your dog an area to exercise and enjoy the sunshine without the risk of escape.

By following these tips, you will be able to create a backyard oasis for you and your furry best friend. For more tips, contact a business such as Joey's Landcare.