Eliminate Dandelions From Your Yard Before Creating An Area To Relax That Contains A Water Feature

If dandelions are growing rampantly in your back yard and you would like to would like to eliminate them and replace them with healthy blades of grass, complete the following project. Afterward, place lawn furniture and a small water feature in your yard to provide you with a comfortable and attractive area to relax while outdoors. 


  • non-toxic pesticide 
  • water hose
  • garden sprayer
  • weed puller
  • rake
  • topsoil
  • garden shovel
  • seed spreader
  • grass seed
  • fertilizer
  • lawn sprinkler
  • patio furniture 
  • water fountain 
  • birdbath
  • LED lighting (secured to stakes)
  • measuring tape

Eliminate Dandelions And Plant Grass Seed

Add a non-toxic herbicide and water to a garden sprayer, according to the directions that are listed on the container that the herbicide is in. Apply the herbicide mixture directly to the top of each dandelion. Within a couple days, the dandelions will die. Once you notice that the dandelions have wilted, use a weed puller to remove them from the ground. Otherwise, pull all of the weeds by hand.

Rake the portions of the ground where weeds were previously growing to level the soil. If there are any indentations in the ground, fill them with topsoil before raking the ground's surface. Add grass seed, fertilizer, and water to a seed spreader. Mix the components in the spreader for a minute or two by turning on the machine's agitator. Apply the mixture to bare portions of the ground. Install a sprinkler system next to the freshly-planted grass seed. It may take several weeks for blades of grass to mature.

Add Patio Furniture, A Water Feature, And Lighting

Place a couple lawn chairs and a small table in one corner of your yard. Set a small water fountain or bird bath next to the furniture. Use a hose to fill either water feature with water. If you wish to increase visibiity next to the seating area, install LED lighting . Many types of lights are battery-operated and secured to stakes. If you opt to install this type of lighting, use a measuring tape to assist with lining the lights up evenly. The tip of each light stake should be pressed several inches into the ground until they are all stable.

Enjoy the tranquil and attractive surroundings during the day and night. Maintain the appearance of your lawn by cutting the grass regularly, using the sprinkler system during dry weather conditions, treating weeds, and adding fresh water to either water feature as needed. Contact a lawn care specialist, like Sergio's Lawn Service, for more help.