Tree Not As Healthy As It Once Was? 3 Signs That It Should Be Removed

Trees provide beauty and protection for your property. They also provide shade for your family to relax in. When cared for properly, trees can last for many lifetimes, which means the trees you plant today could be around for many generations of enjoyment. Unfortunately, trees can become sick. When they do, the problems can be too much for them to overcome. When that happens, you need to decide whether to keep the tree, or to have it removed. If you're faced with that dilemma right now, here are three questions that will help you decide if your tree needs to be removed.

Do You See Pest Activity?

Even a healthy tree can be destroyed by pests. If your previously healthy tree has suddenly become ill, it may be due to pest infestation. Unfortunately, once pests invade a tree, it can be difficult to get the problem under control. Not only that, but the pests can move on to other trees. If your tree has a pest problem, try to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible. If the infestation is beyond repair, you'll need to have the tree removed before the rest of your trees are in danger, as well.

Are There Mushrooms Around the Base?

If you've just got a mushroom, or two, growing in your yard, that's nothing to worry about. However, if you've got an entire mushroom crop growing around the base of your tree, you have a fungus problem that's gone deep into the root system. Once the fungus enters the root system of your tree, there's no hope for it. You'll need to have it removed. This is particularly important if you have a large tree. Once the root system is compromised, the entire tree can topple over, which can be hazardous if it's a large tree.

Do You See Cavities in the Trunk?

You can learn a lot about your tree by looking at the trunk. If the tree is healthy, the bark will be intact, and so will the trunk. If your tree is diseased, it will start rotting from the inside out. When that happens, you might start seeing cavities developing in the trunk – large spaces that are missing wood and bark. If you're noticing cavities in the trunk, it's time to have your tree removed.

Don't take chances with your trees. If you recognize any of the symptoms described above, it's time to talk to your landscaper about having your tree removed by a company like Jonny's Tree & Landscaping Co., LLC.