Living In A Big City? 3 Things To Consider When It Comes To Landscape Design

A beautiful landscape can greatly increase a home's curb appeal and even add value to the home. However, landscaping is not one-size-fits-all. A landscape that looks beautiful in a suburban neighborhood may be out of place within a big city. Landscapes in urban areas also have challenges that landscapes further from the city center do not have to deal with. Careful planning is a must when landscaping a city home. Here are three things that homeowners should consider when it comes to landscaping within a big city. 

Lot Size

Space is at a premium in most big cities. For this reason, home lots tend to be smaller inside the city than they are in the suburbs or in the country. This is something that should be taken into consideration when choosing trees, shrubs, and other plants. Trees and plants that grow large and fast may not be the right choice for a city landscape. They can make an already small lot look crowded and can even intrude upon neighboring yards. It's also important to choose plants that can live in the harsher urban environment. Tree species such as Norway maples, oak, sweet gum, crabapple, and zelkova often survive better in urban environments. 

Budget Wisely

It costs on average between $1,503 and $5,341 to install a new landscape. When it comes to a big city landscape, it's important to budget wisely and prioritize. Since there is less space to work with, any mistakes will be more obvious to the homeowner. If the homeowners plan on entertaining often, then seating should be a priority. Options such as planters that double as benches are a great choice. For those who want noise reduction, trees with noise dampening dense canopies are going to be a good investment.


Drainage can be a big issue in many cities. Just a simple rainstorm can send a deluge of water into the landscape, especially if the surrounding areas are not well drained. Drainage is something that should be considered carefully when it comes to city landscape design. A drainage system costs between $1,821 and $5,015. Making sure that the landscape has proper drainage is essential in a city lot. Not only will a great drainage system keep the landscape looking great, it will also help protect the basement if the home has one.

Landscape design is something that can differ greatly from place to place. What works in the suburbs may not be the right choice in a city. Homeowners should consider lot size carefully and choose plants and trees that aren't too large. Budgeting wisely is also important. Any landscape mistakes may be amplified by the fact that city lots tend to be small. Drainage is also key when it comes to landscape design in the city.