Foundation Inspections

The foundation that your home sits on is by far the most important aspect of your home. Unfortunately the foundation is not always poured correctly, or movement in the surrounding rocks can do structural damage to your foundation. If you suspect that your house has had structural damage, it is best to have a structural engineer, like Morris-Depew Associates Inc, look at your foundation. A structural engineer is a profession that stems from civil engineering. The civil engineer will be able to look at the damage and tell you the course of action that you should take. Here are just a few of the reasons you should have a structural engineer look at your foundation. 


When it comes to getting the best in the business, a structural engineer is the best profession for the job. The engineer will have to have at least a bachelor's degree in civil engineering. To obtain this degree, it takes at least 4 years of schooling. After school the engineer is going to have to specialize in structural engineer, and this can take another 4 years to complete. The bottom line is that the professional that you have looking at your home is going to have at least eight years of experience. 

Honest Results

The opinion of the structural engineer are going to be precise, but maybe more importantly you can be sure that they are completely true. A contractor can look at the foundation, but they can have personal motives. If work is slow and a contractor thinks he or she might be able to get some work out of the foundation, they might tell you something that is not true just to get work. This is rare as most contractors are going to be honest people, but a structural engineer is going to have zero personal motives for telling you about your foundation problems. 

Use Of Expertise

One of the very best aspects of using a structural engineer is that they are going to be very methodical and mathematical about the problems that your foundation has. When the create the report for you, they are going to have reasons and explanations for every structural weakness in the foundation. This is going to be an important report because a contractor can use this report to determine what to do to the foundation to make it stronger. Having a structural engineer make the inspection is a very smart idea.