2 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Power Raking Service

There are so many different landscape care services out there to help make caring for your lawn and surrounding landscape that much easier for you. These services are also very specialized to ensure that they are executed correctly for you for optimal results. One lawn care service in-particular that can provide excellent results is power raking. This is a great option for several different lawn care needs. This article will discuss 2 excellent reasons to hire a power raking service. 

Great For Dethatching

One awesome reason to hire a power raking service is to help you get rid of some of the thatch in your lawn. Overtime, dead grass and roots will build up in your lawn and will gather between the healthy grass and the soil. If this build up becomes thick enough, it cannot only become unsightly, but it can also create a problem in terms of the health of your living grass. Thankfully, a power rake is the perfect tool for removing this thatch. The power rake is essentially a rake with a good deal of power behind it that allows it to dig deep into the ground and effectively jar the thatch loose enough to then bring it to the surface and remove it. This allows your living grass to reach the soil and its nutrients more easily, thus creating healthier grass for you to enjoy. 

Prepare Your Lawn For Grass Seed 

If you are in the process of preparing your property for grass seed, then it is important that you have a base to start with. You want to ensure that your ground is fairly level and that it is clear of debris, such as dead plants, rocks, etc. A great way to get rid of these things is to use a power rake. When you hire a power raking service, they can clear the entire area using the power rake. The power rake will go deep enough into the dirt to remove whatever may hinder your new grass growth. They will also likely go over the area multiple times to ensure that your soil is in the best condition possible for optimal grass growth. Since you only need the power rake for this purpose, hiring a power raking service is likely much more budget friendly then purchasing a high quality power rake outright. Lastly, you have the comfort of knowing that the service will do what you would like them to do because they guarantee their work. 

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