Three Reasons Why You Should Plant A LOT Of Growing Stuff In Your Yard

When you see landscaped yards overflowing with trees, bushes, and greenery, what is your immediate thought? Do you think that it is too much, or do you think that it is delightful and beautiful? Whatever thoughts you have the matter, maybe you should consider growing a lot of green things in your yard. Here are three reasons why:

Preventing Soil Erosion

If you have ever pulled a weed or other plant out of the ground, you will immediately notice that a lot of dirt is clumped around the roots. The roots hold tightly to the dirt for nutrients and moisture for the plant/weed. Subsequently, it should come as no surprise to you that all things, whether they are weed or willow tree, flower or flowering bush, all prevent soil erosion by holding onto large clumps of soil. Your yard cannot be washed away in rainstorms or wind so long as it is covered with grass and other plants.

Increasing Property Value

A well-landscaped yard increases your property's value. There are two ways the city estimates a property's worth to determine taxes. The first is based on the improvements you have made to the home itself. The second is based on the improvements you have made to the property. This includes fencing and landscaping. While your taxes may rise a little for making your property more attractive, it also means you can regain some of that if you ever sell your home and land.

Providing Food Sources for Important Insects and Wildlife

Bees travel for miles to find fresh flowers from which to extract nectar and pollen. Butterflies cannot survive without tons of flowers. Squirrels, birds, and chipmunks rely on seed pods and nuts from trees. There is so much in the ecosystem around your home that relies on you to plant green, growing stuff. If you do not plant it, the wildlife will not come.

Consult with a Landscaper Today

A landscaper or landscape designer can show you various plants, flowers, trees, and bushes that will accomplish all of the above and grow well in your area. It is not a good idea to plant whatever willy-nilly. Certain trees and plants do not grow at all well in colder parts of the country, just as things that thrive during winter do not appreciate the scorching, tropical heat of the Gulf Coast. Even if you do not hire the landscaper/landscape designer to do the work, it still helps to have him/her on consult.

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