3 Tips For Keeping Dandelion Weeds Out Of Your Yard

Dandelions may be pretty weeds, but that doesn't mean you want them taking over your lawn. These weeds spread easily since their seeds become airborne and will sprout new weeds when they fall on patches of thin grass or bare soil. Getting rid of dandelions requires taking action to remove them all during the growing season. Here are some things you can do to keep them out of your yard.

Use Weed Killer

Dandelions are broadleaf plants, so buy a weed killer made specifically for killing broadleaves. This type of weed killer comes in a small spray bottle that you can use to douse individual dandelions you see coming up through your yard. The weed killer destroys the plant so it won't grow back, and it won't harm your grass. Another option to consider is a type of weed killer that comes in granules that contain a broadleaf killer as well as other weed killers while at the same time containing fertilizer for your lawn. This type of product has a two-fold effect. It helps control weeds, and it nourishes grass. By growing a thick lawn, the grass keeps bare spots covered so dandelion seeds can't reach the soil.

Pull Out Individual Plants

Pulling dandelions out of the soil is one way to get rid of them, even though it may be hard work if your yard has several of the weeds. These weeds have a long root that is often difficult to remove without breaking it off. You need to be careful when pulling up a dandelion because if you break off the root, the weed will grow back, and your efforts will be a waste of time. Instead, use a dandelion knife to loosen the root from the soil before you yank it up. This is easier to do if you dig up the dandelions when the soil is wet and easier to work with.

Remove Seed Heads Carefully

Dandelions are the biggest danger to your lawn when the pretty yellow dandelion flowers turn into fuzzy balls loaded with seeds. If you mow over the seed balls, the seeds will fly into the air and settle on your lawn. While leaving grass clippings on your lawn can be added protection against dandelions spreading, once the seed heads appear, it is better to use your bag attachment to catch as many seeds as possible. Another approach is to cut off the fuzzy balls with scissors and drop them into a bag so the seeds can't take wind and spread the weeds around your yard.

Contact a weed control expert for additional advice.