3 Tips for Lawn Maintenance to Help You Improve the Health and Appearance of Your Lawn

A lush and green lawn not only looks great growing in your front yard, but it also helps keep your outdoor space cooler during the heat of summer. Growing a healthy and thick lawn takes the necessary care and prevention steps to keep it in tip-top shape and doesn't just happen on its own. Here are three tips to help you grow a healthy and attractive lawn all year.

1. Apply New Fall Seed

The fall season is a good time to apply a freshly sprinkled application of grass seed over your lawn. Use a fertilizer spreader to evenly apply the seeds over your entire lawn, or you can apply it only in areas that need it most. This process will lay the seeds in your lawn, especially any bare or thin patches, to get a jump-start on thickening your lawn's growth coming up for the next spring.

During winter, the seeds will lay dormant and snowfall will help collect beneficial nitrogen for the seeds and your existing lawn. Then, when the warmer spring temperatures arrive, the snow and ice will melt to begin the seeds' germination. The new growth will fill in any patches bare from damage from pets or sun scorching.

2. Use an Appropriate Watering Schedule

In the summer months, your lawn will be growing healthy and establishing a good root system. To help boost the health of your lawn and grow a healthy root system that can withstand lawn disease and other threats, you should water less frequently and for longer periods.

This change in the watering length and frequency will promote your lawn to grow deeper roots to reach to the water that has seeped further into the soil from the longer waterings. Then, between waterings, your lawn will be able to withstand heat and dry conditions of drought without succumbing to the heat. For example, instead of watering your lawn every other day for ten minutes, water the lawn twice each week for up to thirty minutes each time.

3. Watch for and Prevent Invasive Growth

It is important to keep invasive growth from taking hold on your lawn, as the new vegetation can take over, choke out, and steal water and nutrients from your lawn. Watch out for any crabgrass, dandelions, and other weeds and pull them immediately before they can spread further. Removing one or two dandelions, for example, is a good option before they go to seed and spread further. You can also use an herbicide to kill weeds down to their roots if the growth has already established itself in a larger area.

If you need professional maintenance, contact a landscape company such as A Greener Season Landscaping today.