Incorporating Beach Pebbles Into Your Landscaping Design

There are many different upgrades that you can make to improve the appearance of your landscaping. Small beach pebbles can be an extremely useful addition for a property's landscaping.

How Can Pebbles Benefit Your Landscaping?

Erosion and moisture retention are among the most common problems for landscaping to experience. By applying a couple of inches of pebbles to the area, you can greatly reduce the amount of erosion that occurs, as the pebbles will be able to hold the soil in place. Furthermore, this can also help the soil with retaining moisture while reducing the ability of weeds and other small plants to grow. To achieve the best effects, the pebbles will need to remain at least a couple of inches deep. This will usually require the homeowner to periodically replenish the pebbles with fresh ones to replace those that may have washed away during heavy rains or when irrigating your landscaping.  

Will The Pebbles Compromise The Aesthetics Of Your Yard?

It is common to assume that the placement of these pebbles will have a negative impact on the aesthetics of the yard. While this can be an understandable concern, it is generally without merit, as beach pebbles can come in a range of colors and shapes that will allow for a homeowner to achieve the color and texture that they are wanting for their property. The availability of these different types of pebbles can vary, and if you do not find a type that you like from one provider, it can be worth checking with other providers, as they may have a different selection of pebbles.

Why Are Homeowners Advised To Hire A Professional To Place Their Pebbles?

The placement of these pebbles may not seem like it will be an overly hard task. However, homeowners can be guilty of underestimating the weight of these pebbles as well as the large volume of them that will be needed. This can make it extremely difficult for a person to transport these pebbles from the retailer to their home. It can also put individuals with back problems at a greater risk of suffering a major injury, as they will need to regularly bend down and lift heavy bags of pebbles. Luckily, hiring a professional to deliver and install the beach pebbles on your property will not be expensive. However, you may need to be present so that you can show them where the pebbles need to be placed.

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