When To Remove A Tree From Your Property

Most people who have trees on their property never really have to think about those trees. They don't pose a problem, and they may even add beauty to their yard and landscaping.

However, sometimes, a tree can start to pose a problem. Maybe it's dangerously close to your property. Or, perhaps it's diseased or dying and could infect other trees or plants in your yard.

Whatever the case may be, there are some instances in which you need professional tree removal. The key is to know the warning signs that a tree is dangerous or otherwise needs to be removed. That way, when you notice these signs, you can act quickly and get your property back in shape.

The Tree Is Dead Or Dying

When a tree is dead or in the process of dying, you should remove it from your property right away. Dead trees will simply rot, attracting pests and vermin to your yard. Over time, they can also start to look very unattractive, like a blemish in your landscaping.

A dead tree will stop producing leaves, and its branches will grow dry and be prone to breaking easily. A tree specialist can let you know for sure if a tree is dead or if it's dying and is unable to recuperate.

The Tree Is Growing Fungi

Pay attention to the bases of the trees in your yard. If any of them start to sport fungi, which often takes the form of small mushrooms, consult a professional.

Often, when a fungus appears, it will cause the tree to decay and wear away slowly over time. Even if the fungus does not cause the tree to decay, it can be dangerous if ingested by children or pets.

To protect those you care about and to avoid having a decaying tree on your property, tree removal is typically the best solution.

The Tree Has Visible Storm Damage

Sometimes, outside factors, like storms or heavy winds, can cause damage to a tree.

If this damage is severe, such as a heavily cracked trunk or a tree that suddenly leans dangerously close to your home, removal may be the best option. In some cases, you may be able to save the tree through pruning or other restorative means, but removal is the easiest and fastest remedy.

Removing a tree isn't always easy, especially if you previously liked the way it looked or have grown attached to it in some way. However, sometimes, removal is unavoidable. When you think that may be the case in your situation, be sure to call on a professional tree removal service.

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