Use Greenery And Mulch To Add Complementary Colors To Your Property

Chocolate brown mulch will complement vibrant greenery or dark-colored flowering plants that are growing on your property. After enhancing your front yard with multi-toned features, you can add a basic walkway next to the landscaping feature to provide you with a viable way to appreciate your efforts, without needing to walk directly on the new additions.

Map Out Your Project

Before you begin digging on your property or removing overgrowth or lawn debris, decide what types of additions you would like to make and purchase all of the supplies that are needed to complete the upgrade. By having everything written down and drawing a diagram of the proposed outcome, you will be able to pinpoint how much chocolate brown mulch you should purchase and what plants you should get.

You can either add a grassy patch to the front yard to cover bare sections, or you can opt to introduce a row of plants or shrubs to your front yard and surround them with mulch. If you decide to plant some grass seed in order to cover barren sections, designate a section of the property that is right next to the front of your home and use the section as the spot where the new plants and mulch will be added. 

Get Creative

After you clear and level the property where the plants and mulch will be added, create holes in the ground that can be used to plant each new addition. After using fresh soil to cover the roots of each plant, decide how much of an impact you would like the mulch to make. You can either add a small amount of mulch around the base of each plant or you can go for a much more drastic look by adding a wide layer of mulch across the entire plot that is being used to house the plants.

If you have decided that more grass is needed on your lawn, sprinkle grass seed across each bare section. Water the plants and the grass seed. Use some patio blocks or wide paving stones to create a walkway. Lay the blocks or stones across portions of the property that are adjacent to the new plants and mulch. The blocks or stones should have an even amount of distance between them. To prevent the mulch from spreading onto the lawn, install short fencing panels or bricks around the perimeter of the plant bed.