Three Traits Of A Platform Deck

When you hire a contractor to construct a deck that connects to your home, it's a good idea to educate yourself about the many styles of decks that are available. These structures can come in all shapes and sizes, and learning about what options are available to you will allow you to make the right decision about what type of structure you add to your yard. One design that might appeal to you is a platform deck. Although you may not know this term, there's a good chance that you've seen a few platform decks over the years. Here are three traits of this type of structure.

Low To The Ground

One prevalent characteristic of platform decks is that they're low to the ground. While other decks might be a few feet above your yard, a platform deck will sit much closer to it. Generally, the boards will be so low to the ground that stairs won't be necessary; it will just be one step down from the structure to the ground. Before you decide whether a platform deck will be right for you, you'll need to look at your home's exterior doors. If a door is low to the ground, the platform design will be a good fit.

No Railings

When you think about residential decks, you might picture railings that run around their perimeter. In addition to being a valuable safety measure, railings can be handy for other reasons. They provide space for holding beverages, offer a little privacy, and can even serve as makeshift seating during a large gathering. Platform decks, however, typically don't have railings. Because these structures are so low to the ground, railings aren't necessary as a safety measure. The lack of railings gives this type of design an open feel, which may especially be valuable if the square footage is small.

Simple Appearance

Although you have the final say in how your platform deck will look, you'll generally find that the platform style has a simple appearance. While some designs can have built-in seating and built-in planters, multiple levels, and a variety of other features, platform decks don't typically have these additions. Instead, they're commonly square or rectangular, and simply consist of a platform-like structure. The simple design is pivotal in helping to keep the cost of this project low. If the idea of a platform deck appeals to you, discuss it with your local contractor. Contact a deck contractor for more information.