Top Reasons To Choose To Have Sod Installed In Your Backyard

A lot of people want to have a beautiful lawn in their backyard — a green lawn looks great, and it is also a nice place for children and pets to play. If you have decided that you need a lawn in your backyard, you will have to decide whether you want to try to grow grass from seed or opt to have sod installed. Most homeowners find that establishing a lawn by using sod is a much better option than using grass seeds. Some of the top reasons that you should choose to have sod installed in your backyard include:

Establish a New Lawn Faster

Planting a lawn from seed can take quite a while and require a lot of maintenance. A lot of homeowners do not want to wait weeks or even a month or two for a lawn to grow in. One of the best things about choosing to have sod installed is the fact that you can have a new lawn so much faster. While you may need to stay off your new sod lawn for a short period of time while the roots develop, choosing to have sod installed can instantly transform the appearance of your yard.

Enjoy Lusher Grass

One of the biggest downsides of planting grass from seed is the fact that some areas of the lawn can be patchy and the grass may be thin. It is also possible for areas to remain bare when grass seeds do not germinate properly, no matter how well you prepared the area or how often you water. When you're seeking a lush, thick, and uniform lawn, sod is the way to go. If you purchase high-quality sod and have it installed by an experienced landscaping professional, you will most likely be very happy to see that it is healthy and there are no areas that are lacking grass.

Save Water

In order to grow a lawn from seed, you need to prep the soil, buy seed, lay the grass seed, and then water often, using a large amount of water to help the seeds germinate. It is not uncommon for homeowners to dislike the need for frequent watering, along with the amount of water used. Some people don't want a super-high water bill, while others may find it environmentally irresponsible to use so much water. The good news about sod is the fact that you won't have to use nearly as much water after it is installed. 

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