Exciting Landscape Maintenance And Gardening Tips

While achieving an eye-catching and healthy outdoor space is not rocket science, it is not a walk in the park either. Landscape maintenance requires tons of patience, time, and most importantly, the right practices and tips. With the following landscaping maintenance tips, getting the landscape of your dreams is within your grasp.


Proper watering of your garden and lawn is among the most critical landscaping aspects. But the trick is to do it right. If you overwater your landscape, you'd be inviting pest infestations and fungal diseases. On the other hand, too little water, and your garden will decline drastically and become a pest magnet.

Tailor Products and Ideas to Your Landscape

For landscaping maintenance, there is no single multipurpose solution for grass seed, weed killer, and fertilizer, regardless of what stores sell. Lawn products can work in one area and miss it in another. The most suitable way is to talk to a landscaping maintenance professional in your area regarding what to plant in your garden or lawn. Locally-grown is the best advice for your landscape.

Feed Shaded Sections Less

When the grass in the shady areas of your landscape is struggling, the best advice would be to apply lots of fertilizer, right? Dead wrong! In landscape maintenance, over-applying fertilizer will just kill the greenery faster. Also, grass that gets a full day of the sun has different nutritional requirements than grass that receive a couple of hours of sun daily. Vegetation in the shade requires less water due to evaporation and less fertilizer since, with the little sunlight it gets, growth is limited.

Safeguard Trees with Mulch

Landscaping maintenance is not complete until you have incorporated mulching. You can shield the exposed roots on the surface by introducing a 3 to 5-inch layer of mulch all around the tree area. While you may be tempted to put up grass up to the tree trunk, it is not recommended because the tree and grass will compete for crucial nutrients. Instead of planting grass around the tree, the mulch will give it a better chance of growing faster and healthier.


A well-done edge preserves the aesthetics of the lawn and separates the turf from the bed sections. By edging once in a while, it will prevent the grass from progressing into the beds.

Landscaping maintenance needs persistence and consistency to keep your outdoor space in tip-top condition. It is also the best way to transform your garden and lawn into a paradise.