Landscaping Design Features For New Construction Installations With Trendy Style

New construction gives you a lot of opportunities for the design of your landscaping. Today, trendy outdoor designs can be added to your property with these new construction installations, such as open-air living spaces. The following landscaping design ideas are some of the trendy options to consider for your new construction installations:

Addressing Terrain Elevation Issues

The terrain elevations might be some of the first issues that you need to address with a new landscaping installation. You may want to change the slope of terrain elevations to provide more flat and useable space. The landscaping contractor can install retaining walls and move soil materials to help create more usable terrain for your landscaping installation. The grading for elevation changes can also improve the watershed of your property for better drainage.

Installing Hardscaping and Drainage Features

The hardscaping for your home is another area where you want to plan for your new landscaping installation. There are a lot of options for trendy designs and features that can be added to your home with hardscaping. In addition, you are also going to need to have drainage solutions installed with your landscaping. These can be curbing features integrated with hardscaping and permanent drain lines installed beneath the soil.

Choosing Turf and Groundcover for New Landscaping

The turf of your landscaping is another option to consider for the new installations. Today, there are options like waterless covers and artificial turfs that can keep your landscaping design low-maintenance. If you choose to use artificial turf, it is important to remember that you will still need irrigation. These turfs require watering during hot weather to prevent deterioration and to clean them. If you want to have a waterless ground cover—consider using materials like river rock as an alternative to a traditional grass lawn.

Designing and Building the Open-Air Living Space

There are also options for open-air living areas that you may want to add to the landscaping installations. The open-air living space needs to be designed with your landscaping because there are features that your landscaping contractor will build for you. These can include hardscaping, patio surfaces, and landscaping structures like pergolas or a pavilion area. They can also build built-in features like an outdoor kitchen or fireplace area for grilling.

The landscaping installation for your project can add all the attractive features you want for your home. Contact a landscaping service and ask about these design ideas for your new construction installation.