Stabilizing Your Loose Soil With Lime

Soil stability problems can have a dire effect on your ability to conduct building projects or to oversee other types of landscaping work. While there are many different options available for stabilizing soil, lime is one of the more cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Does the Soil Have to Be Primarily Made of Clay to Be Stabilized With Lime?

There is a belief that lime can only be an effective stabilization medium when it is used with soils that are primarily made of clay. While this is the type of soil that can benefit the most from this stabilization option, it is not the only type of soil that can be used with lime. For example, lime can also be used in most soils that contain sand or other fine particles. This versatility is another strength of this particular stabilization solution.

Will the Lime Stabilization Benefits Be Permanent? 

An unfortunate reality of soil stability problems is that the treatments that can be used to remedy this problem are rarely permanent. This is no different when it comes to using lime stabilization systems. While the lime will be able to effectively bind the soil in place for a prolonged period of time, it will eventually break down. At this point, the soil may need to be treated with lime again. If there is a structure in the vicinity, you should be sure to reinforce the structure's foundation before this occurs as the soil stability problems could potentially damage the foundation by causing it to shift positions.

How Is the Lime Applied to the Soil?

The process of applying lime to the soil can be done in a couple of different ways. For fairly small areas, it may make more sense to mix the lime into the first few inches of the soil. However, if you are needing to treat a much larger area with the lime, it may make more sense to excavate a large amount of soil so that a layer of lime can be placed on the ground before it is covered with soil. Due to the importance of ensuring that the soil is as stable as possible for your project, you should arrange for the project area to be evaluated by these services in person as they will be able to help you create a plan that will provide for the most effective results give your project's scope and the condition of the soil.

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