Landscaping Care Recommendations For Your Yard And Lawn

Your yard and lawn's landscaping provide a beautiful spread over your property, also promoting wildlife activity, creating oxygen, and protecting your soil against erosion. Just remember to take good care of your yard landscaping each spring and fall for the best health and growth of your yard year-round. Here are some recommendations to help you take the best care of your yard and its landscaping.

Protect Your Lawn

When spring begins to show its signs in your yard with new growth, there are also going to be weeds that germinate and sprout up between your landscaping plants. And in the lawn, it can be difficult to pull them individually; however, you want to eliminate them before they send out new seedlings and take over your lawn and yard and become a problem. 

Treat your lawn in the early spring with a pre-emergent herbicide that you can apply at just the right time. It is important to apply it when your lawn begins to warm up a bit from winter weather. Check the package instructions for the right soil temperature that you need to apply it within for the best results. Otherwise, you will only be applying the herbicide onto soil that is still too cold, or worse, when the weed seeds have already germinated and your efforts are fruitless. Use a kitchen thermometer to check the soil temperature: push the end of it into the soil one to two inches below the surface, leaving it there for a few minutes to get an accurate reading.

In the fall, apply lawn seeds to any bare patches in your yard that have formed over the summer. Be sure to scuff up the soil first with your rake, sprinkle down the new lawn seeds, then cover the area with some compost and fertilizer to help the seeds remain in place and grow healthy.

Maintain Mulch

The areas of mulch in your yard can become disturbed and scattered, often sinking into the soil that they cover. So, as a maintenance task, it is important that you keep up on your mulch to check for thinning areas and replenish the mulch when it is needed. 

If you have gravel mulch, be sure you check the landscape barrier layer below the gravel and repair any tears or holes and movement of the fabric. This will keep your gravel in place and prevent weed growth through the barrier and also soil coming up within the gravel.

If you need more information about landscape maintenance, contact a local landscaping company.