Lawn Care Tips For The Heat Of Summer

Grass tends to grow best in the spring and fall when temperatures are moderate and there's a good amount of rainfall. However, this does not mean you can't keep your lawn looking nice in the warm, summer months as well. You just have to be more vigilant with its care. Here are some lawn care tips that will serve you well in the heat of summer.

Don't cut it too short.

When summer comes and you're really busy, it can be tempting to cut your lawn extra short so you don't have to mow it as often. But in your effort to save time, you'll be doing damage to the grass. Cutting the grass too short is stressful for the grass because you remove a lot of the greenery that the grass uses to capture sunlight. It's better for your lawn if, during the summer heat, you commit to leaving the grass a bit longer and mowing more often.

Leave some of the clippings behind. 

You probably want to bag most of the clippings so your lawn doesn't look too sloppy. But there's really no need to bag all of your lawn clippings. A good strategy is to go over your lawn once with the bag on the mower and the blade set high. Then, lower the blade one notch and mow again, this time leaving the tiny clippings behind. These clippings will slowly break down, adding a steady flow of nutrients that your grass can really benefit from during the summer heat.

Water deeply and early.

Instead of watering the lawn a little every day, water it less often, but give it a good, thorough watering each time you water it. Doing this every two or three days, on average, tends to be about right. With this approach, you can be sure the water penetrates all the way down to the grassroots. Also make sure you water in the morning or evening, rather than when the sun is high in the sky. Watering when it's really sunny can cause the water to boil and scorch the delicate grass leaves, causing the lawn to yellow.

Summer does not have to mean a scorched, barely alive lawn. If you follow the advice above when caring for your lawn, you should get good results. Reach out to a lawn maintenance service if you need help mowing, watering, or otherwise caring for your grass this summer.