Properly Caring For An Outdoor Wood-Fired Stainless-Steel Pizza Oven

If you have decided to purchase a stainless-steel pizza oven to use outdoors for parties, electrical outages, or for the sake of having a unique feature on your property, you need to be ready to perform a few tasks in maintaining it properly. Here are a few steps to take to aid in keeping your investment looking and working like new.

Cleaning Your Oven After Using It

Wood-fired pizza ovens maintain a very high temperature when they are in use. Because of this, any bacteria inside the oven is killed off by the heat. There is no need to use any type of commercial cleaning product inside of the oven. Instead, allow any ash to burn and cool down after using the oven. When it is completely cool, it can then be brushed from the interior of the oven using a small whisk broom. Place the ashes into a container to dispose of in your yard in a non-visible location, or use it to help fertilize plants in your garden or landscaping design.

Remove Soot Stains When They Are Noticed

Over time, the interior of your outdoor stainless-steel pizza oven may show signs of soot buildup. This usually appears as a dark-colored stain upon the walls of the oven. These will not harm your oven or the food you are cooking inside of it, but if you do not like the appearance of soot build-up, you can try to remove it yourself. The stains may not completely disappear but instead will decrease in intensity. Use a wire brush to remove stains, taking care not to press the bristles against the steel too firmly so they do not cause scratches to occur. Rub the brush in a circular motion over any stains, helping to loosen the soot so it falls from the steel.

Protect The Oven During Inclement Weather

Stainless steel can withstand moisture and extreme temperature changes, but it may become altered in appearance if you do not take the time to protect it against intense weather if you know it is about to occur. Cover your pizza oven with a tarp to help protect the interior components and the shell case from moisture buildup. Covering your pizza oven when it is not in use will also help to keep pests or small animals from using it as a nesting location. When you wish to use it, simply remove the cover without having to clean the oven beforehand.

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