6 Reasons To Address Drainage Issues On A Property

Drainage can create a host of problems on a property. If you're wondering whether you should contact a drainage services company, here are 6 common reasons to get in touch with one.


Water running down hillsides, even small ones with light grades, can cause significant erosion. This happens even in regions that rarely get heavy rains. Installing a good drainage system can divert the rain away from the slope and reduce the amount of erosion. Likewise, drainage contractors can sometimes install systems into the hill to absorb more water and control its descent.

New Plants

Landscapers often find that certain plants don't lend themselves to particular moisture levels. Drainage is typically the best solution if you want to add new plants to a spot where there's simply too much water. This will reduce the overall swampiness, producing a different microclimate.


Water consumption is a major efficiency issue, and one of the simplest ways to address it is by installing a drainage system. For example, you might redirect rainwater from spots where it's less useful and allow it to flow into places in your yard where thirsty plants will welcome it. Collection is also a possibility, but you should check your local and state laws regarding capture before you do this.


A swampy landscape tends to attract lots of insects. Even if you find the wet areas otherwise non-problematic, it's a good idea to prevent bugs from developing breeding grounds on your property. It may take a while for the full effect of the new drainage system to change things, but you should notice the difference by the end of the driest part of the summer or fall.

Structural Risks

Just as erosion can damage hillsides, it also can damage foundations, sidewalks, and driveways. Water will still flow when it's underground, even if it behaves differently. This can cause soil to disappear directly under structures. You may not notice the problem until a section of concrete collapses. Fortunately, drainage contractors are familiar with issues close to structures, and they can usually devise ways to direct water elsewhere.

Slipping Hazards

Poor drainage can also lead to water sticking around on surfaces. Especially if these surfaces are in sports where people walk, they can become hazards. Water puddles, mud, and ice can all form in these locations. A properly designed drainage solution will reduce the risk of water accumulating in unsafe spots. 

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