Things To Know Before Having A Tree Removed

If you have trees on your land, there is likely to come a time when you need one of them removed. In most areas, there are multiple tree removal companies you can call. They will generally do their best to walk you through the process. However, it is still good to know the following things before you have a tree removed.

Sooner is better.

If the tree is dead, dying, or getting in the way — and you are certain it needs to be removed — don't put it off. You may figure it can wait a few more weeks or months, but that's when accidents like fallen limbs and fallen trees happen. The sooner you act, the lower your risk of serious consequences. Tree care companies sometimes have a wait, so call and get on their schedule ASAP.

You may need to make plans for the wood.

Some tree removal companies will haul away the wood and do something with it. But unless the company you hire specifies that they'll take the wood, you should assume that they won't. Start making plans for the felled tree as soon as you schedule your removal appointment. You can have a mulch company come pick it up, or you can let someone who needs firewood come chop and remove it. Of course, you could chop it yourself and keep it as firewood for your own fireplace or campsite.

If the tree is diseased, the wood may require special treatment.

Some tree diseases, such as oak wilt and thousand cankers disease, are spread by fungi that can keep living in the wood once a tree is removed. So, in some states, tree care companies may be required to haul away and properly dispose of wood that has become infected with one of these fungal diseases. This is to protect the other trees on your land and on neighboring properties. 

Usually, the wood of infected trees is either burned or buried. Tree care companies are sometimes allowed to let you keep the diseased wood if you sign something stating that you won't transport it. These regulations all depend on the state and town you're in.

Now that you know a little more about tree removal, you can be better prepared to have a tree removed from your land. If you have other questions, ask the tree care company you plan to hire. They are experts and can give you the answers you seek.

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