Living In A Big City? 3 Things To Consider When It Comes To Landscape Design

A beautiful landscape can greatly increase a home's curb appeal and even add value to the home. However, landscaping is not one-size-fits-all. A landscape that looks beautiful in a suburban neighborhood may be out of place within a big city. Landscapes in urban areas also have challenges that landscapes further from the city center do not have to deal with. Careful planning is a must when landscaping a city home. Here are three things that homeowners should consider when it comes to landscaping within a big city.

Tree Not As Healthy As It Once Was? 3 Signs That It Should Be Removed

Trees provide beauty and protection for your property. They also provide shade for your family to relax in. When cared for properly, trees can last for many lifetimes, which means the trees you plant today could be around for many generations of enjoyment. Unfortunately, trees can become sick. When they do, the problems can be too much for them to overcome. When that happens, you need to decide whether to keep the tree, or to have it removed.

Three Drip Irrigation Questions And Concerns Addressed

Ensuring that your plants are getting a sufficient amount of water is important for keeping them alive and thriving. Yet, watering plants can be a remarkably expensive task, as it can require a lot of water to perform this chore. For some homeowners, the installation of a drip irrigation system can be a great way of meeting the watering needs of your property more easily. Why Opt For Drip Irrigation Over Traditional Sprinklers?

Landscaping Design Ideas For Corner Lots

A home situated on a corner lot can offer more yard space than traditional lots, but they also present a few challenges for landscaping and design. Fortunately, there are several options you can use to create a stunning look for your home with some unique landscaping ideas. Use this guide as inspiration to come up with a new look for your corner lot. Hedgerows Adding a hedgerow along the sides of your lot can add privacy to your space and create a border that prevents people from cutting across your property.

Eliminate Dandelions From Your Yard Before Creating An Area To Relax That Contains A Water Feature

If dandelions are growing rampantly in your back yard and you would like to would like to eliminate them and replace them with healthy blades of grass, complete the following project. Afterward, place lawn furniture and a small water feature in your yard to provide you with a comfortable and attractive area to relax while outdoors.  Materials non-toxic pesticide  water hose garden sprayer weed puller rake topsoil garden shovel seed spreader grass seed fertilizer lawn sprinkler patio furniture  water fountain  birdbath LED lighting (secured to stakes) measuring tape Eliminate Dandelions And Plant Grass Seed