Have A Surplus Of Rocks? Get Landscaping Help To Use Them In Your Backyard

When you decide that you want to make some changes to your landscape, you either have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort into doing things from scratch, or you must spend money. But, it is possible to get free things from family, friends, neighbors, and nearby businesses, and you may have found yourself with a surplus of rocks that are typically used on landscapes for various purposes. While you could try to find out the right applications for the rocks and implement them on your own, you will also benefit from hiring a landscape designer to help you.

Water Saving Tips For Your Sprinkler System

If you are hoping to use your sprinkler system this summer to keep your grass green but are also concerned about the amount of water you might use, it's time to look into water-saving tips for your sprinkler system. Here are some easy ways to save money while also improving the overall health of your grass. 1. Have your system checked and repaired. Broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads are common, especially after your sprinklers have been sitting all winter.

A Class Act -- 5 Ways To Add Formality To Your Yard

If you want to dress up your home's exterior and make the entire property feel more classic, you can accomplish a lot without a big investment if you concentrate on the landscape design. Adding formality to the yard is a simple way to give the whole place a classy makeover. So how can you turn your yard into a formal garden on any budget? Here are 5 simple methods. Straighten Lines.

DIY Landscaping Projects To Improve Your Gardening Experience This Summer

Soon, the spring weather is going to be here and you will want to be prepared. If you are late every year to get started with a garden, do improvements to your landscaping now to make gardening easier. Improvements like paths, raised garden beds and new irrigation solutions will help give your landscaping designs beautiful gardens through the summer months. Here are some DIY landscaping projects that will improve your summer gardening experience:

2 Reasons To Install A Residential Irrigation System

If you plan on landscaping your yard, then you will quickly find out that you have a great deal of freedom and choices when it comes to what you would like to have incorporated into your landscape design. However, one thing that really shouldn't be an option, but instead should be a given, is a residential irrigation system. A residential irrigation system is going to be responsible for providing water to your landscape design, and installing one can provide you with so many excellent benefits.