Five Tips For A More Environmentally Friendly Lawn

You may enjoy the look of the lawn or appreciate the space for playing and entertaining, but often a lawn is a drain on the environment -- a monoculture that does little good for the nearby ecosystem. The good news is you can enjoy a beautiful lawn while still being eco-friendly with the help of the following tips. 1. Shrink the Lawn Area A smaller lawn requires less water, fertilizer, and mowing, which means this could be the best option for the environment.

Use Greenery And Mulch To Add Complementary Colors To Your Property

Chocolate brown mulch will complement vibrant greenery or dark-colored flowering plants that are growing on your property. After enhancing your front yard with multi-toned features, you can add a basic walkway next to the landscaping feature to provide you with a viable way to appreciate your efforts, without needing to walk directly on the new additions. Map Out Your Project Before you begin digging on your property or removing overgrowth or lawn debris, decide what types of additions you would like to make and purchase all of the supplies that are needed to complete the upgrade.

5 Reasons To Hire Professional Landscapers

It takes a lot of effort and time to maintain your lawn. If you're finding it a struggle to keep up with regular yard maintenance, it may be time to bring in the professionals. Many homeowners choose to invest in landscaping services so that they're able to make their lawns look great. Plus, it means less work! Here are some reasons to hire professional landscapers. They Can Design the Perfect Lawn