Exciting Landscape Maintenance And Gardening Tips

While achieving an eye-catching and healthy outdoor space is not rocket science, it is not a walk in the park either. Landscape maintenance requires tons of patience, time, and most importantly, the right practices and tips. With the following landscaping maintenance tips, getting the landscape of your dreams is within your grasp. Watering Proper watering of your garden and lawn is among the most critical landscaping aspects. But the trick is to do it right.

Four Reasons Trees Drop Branches

Most damage caused by trees is due to broken and dropped branches. Falling branches can also be deadly if they hit a person or pet. Knowing which branches are most prone to breakage can help you plan your tree pruning to avoid the problem. 1. Friction Damage When two branches grow too closely together, they will rub as the tree sways in a breeze. The friction from this rubbing wears through the bark, weakening one if not both of the affected branches.